Here at Cafeen, we provide alternate yet practical solutions to the ever-evolving world of coffee. With over 30 years of experience in designing high-quality products for people, we have fallen in love with the process of extracting the perfect shot of espresso. We believe that making espresso shouldn’t be considered a task or a chore, but rather a ritual that brings joy and a sense of comfort. Our products reflect this ethos. We are proudly 100% Australian and spend our days thinking, designing, and innovating new ways to improve the espresso-making experience.



At Cafeen, we are constantly thinking of ways to develop new products whilst minimising the effect on our planet’s increasingly fragile environment. This is why we create products that are designed to last. We believe that durability and longevity are fundamental features of a sustainable product. We never want to see our products end up in landfill – a place where majority of consumer products today are found at their end-of-life. Landfills are a major source of pollution since the buried rubbish breaks down at a very slow rate, becoming increasingly problematic for future generations. However, we also understand that all products eventually must have an end-of-life. This is why we design our products to be easily disassembled into separate raw materials, significantly improving product recyclability by ensuring that all of the resources can be reused in future products. When developing a new product, we meticulously examine all possible material options, keeping sustainability, recyclability, and durability at our core. The materials that we choose for our products reflect these core values. Find out more about our material selection.