How To Measure My Tamper

The easiest way to determine the correct tamper size to buy, is to consult your coffee machine manufacturer and product instruction manual. If you are unable to do so, then we recommend measuring your existing tamper.


If calipers are available, measure the widest point of your coffee tamper base. 


If only a ruler is available, sit one end of the ruler and tamper base against a wall or table top. Ensure the ruler is running across the centre of the tamper base, at its widest point. Some tampers will have bevelled edges, so make sure to measure to the widest point.



If you are unable to measure your machine's tamper, measure the portafilter internal diameter. Portafilters vary in taper angle and depth, so take the measurement from about 1cm depth below the top face.


Measuring the internal diameter using a ruler on the top face is not recommended as this will likely be 1-2mm wider than the tamper as it tapers inwards.