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Coffee Tamper Trio

Coffee Tamper Trio


Build Your Own Tamper


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Get the complete range and save! This bundle includes three tampers in colours:

  • 1x Infinite Black
  • 1x Guinea Red 
  • 1x Blaze Blue

Comes in base sizes 57mm or 58mm in your choice of all Stainless Steel Crema, or Cino Comfort. 

Cafeen's Coffee Tampers are height adjustable, stainless steel base tampers that are ergonomically contoured to feel snug in your palm. They feature thumb and palm grips for extra hand control and precision while tamping. Simply adjust the tamper height by adding or removing spacers until the desired height is achieved. Tamping feels effortless and smooth with these elegantly designed tampers and the slight convex polished stainless steel base helps ensure tamping perfection and a delicious coffee every time.

What's included in this bundle:
- 3x Cafeen Coffee Tampers: in you selection of CREMA or CINO COMFORT 
- Each Tamper has 3x Spacers pre-fitted for height adjustment
- Each Tamper comes packaged in it's own display box
- 3x Instruction booklet (1 per display box).

Product Specifications:
- Size: 100mm h (85mm with no spacers) x 57mm/58mm base*
- Individual Tamper weight:
CREMA = 575 gms (20.2 oz)
CINO = 375 gms (13.2 oz)

*Note: please ensure you measure and order the correct size tamper base for your coffee machine. Visit our Measurement Instruction Page or Sizing Chart for guidance on choosing the correct size tamper.

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